Craft Beer Tasting E

Craft Beer Tasting

Craft beers are made to be the kings of the beer because no else type of this drink is so enticing with the uniqueness that it has… That’s why, as our brewery produces few of our own craft beers, we also decided to provide the beer tasting service to all of our visitors!

The very birth of a craft beer industry can be attributed to the fact of how few independent small breweries were left out there by the end of the ’90s.

So by the middle of 2000s the customers desire for some fresh taste triggered a real boom for the array of small independent breweries.

10 years ago we’ve become one of those little breweries, and since then we produce few of our own brands of crafted beer.

So here and now, we will give you a unique opportunity to embark on a beer tasting journey, trying our trademark craft beers right at our brewery.

Don’t worry, it’s located right nearby our pub!


Currently, we offer these brands of the beer in our beer tasting tour:

  • Citra Red
  • Orange Giant Barleywine
  • 1635 Series American Barleywine
  • West Coast IPA
  • Hop Tropic
  • Kona Coffee Stout
  • Avarice and Greed
  • Hoppenberg Uncertainty Principle
  • 1956 Golden Ale
  • Crater Lake Amber Ale
  • Midnight Dreary
  • Buoy Czech Pils
  • Peanut Butter Porter


We usually get overbooked, whenever some major sports game happens.

Being aware of that, please book the tables on those days in advance!